Hex Appeal Reborn

Hi everyone,  A while ago I stopped blogging, around the time the relics deck appeared and I lost my drive to play Underworlds. While my enthusiasm for underworlds hasn’t changed, I was lucky enough to have been given a demo of Aristeia! over the weekend while running V5: Vengeange (a Guildball tournament). I am ALL […]

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And the Winner is…

I was lucky enough to acquire a ticket to London Grand Tournaments Grand Clash but am unable to attend. At this point I decided to run a painting competition. The entrants I love the ideas everyone has used, different colours to normal and conversions on models. This is a big part of the hobby and […]

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Event Writeup

I last posted about tournament prep. Today I am going to talk about my latest event. For this I decided to take Skaven. I have been playing them since the Grand Clash and felt they were in a good spot. Round 1 vs Daniel Eatch – Stormcasts Game 1 was a very close affair with […]

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Tournament Prep – Top 5

Hi everyone, This weekend I will be venturing to my FLGS The Outpost in Sheffield for their Shadespire Event. I thought I would share my prep for an event. 1. Plan you travel and logistics Know where you need to be and what time you need to be there. This may sound simple but there […]

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Gaming Night 21/03/2018

Tuesday night bring around another night of gaming for Sheffield hosted @ Outpost. The Outpost if my FLGS which I have previously worked at Part Time, running events across multiple gaming systems and still occasionally run their Guild Ball event. Based just out of the City Centre within walking distance of the tram and bus […]

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It’s been a while

Hi everyone, I have been insanely busy since my last post. So, this one is a bit of a catch-up. I have attended a number of local gaming nights recently in Sheffield: ·         Thursday Night @ Patriot Games – I ran 1 demo for a friend then payed some games against some great opponents. ·         […]

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Free Stuff – Competition

Me again, today I decided its time to give something to the community. There is a catch though. I am a bit of a sucker for awsome paint jobs and conversions so its competition time. The winner will recieve a ticket to London Grand Tournaments Grand Clash on 18th May (final held on 19th). details […]

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Top of the Clash

Great work from the Warhammer community team, their goblin engineers have been working tirelessly to get the best in faction deck lists onto the Warhammer Underworlds site. Decks for each of the best in factions have been published on the Warhammer Underworlds Decks Guides page click the banner below to view them I look forward […]

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Grands Clash – March 18

After braving the artic conditions outside I arrived at Warhammer World to compete in my first Grand Clash. Less than 10 games under my belt, having never faced Skaven, Dwarves or Stormcasts I was not hopeful. I had built my Orruks deck (see last post) but not used it. The event quickly filled with 68 […]

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Grand Clash – Pre Event

Just a quickie today as I am on my phone. I made the decision last minute to sign up. Having played less than 10 games and only 1 with my Orruks I figure the best place to learn is on the field of battle. With the potential of 4 Rounds that’s 8-12 games. The Deck […]

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