First Impressions

I was lucky enough to have one of the most enjoyable introductions to Shadespire.

Not long ago my best friend had a change in circumstances, as part of this with some encouragement and the use of my laptop he took the plunge, deciding to apply for a dream role working for Games Workshop. He was successful 🙂

Having relocated to Nottingham we see less than we would like of each other so I decided it was time to visit. Following a night of Rum, takeaway and Peaky Blinders we paid a trip to Warhammer World (If you have never been and get the opportunity, take it).

The plan for the day was to have a wander round the store and the exhibitions then sit in Bugmans and have some food.

The Engineer Burger 

What ended up happening was we sat it Bugmans to have a coffee and he bought out his copy of Shadespire… A coffee, burger and 6 games later I realised time had flown.

I left Warhammer World for my journey home but not before picking up a few bits, I was hooked.

The following day I painted up my Sepulchral Guard and started looking at how to build decks in preparation for collecting the rest of my goodies.

Poor quality photo – average paint job

I went in search of inspiration on the net and came across the wonderful and really well produced videos from Agents of S.I.G.M.A.R check them out to date they have published 44 videos for Shadespire from unboxing, deck reviews, new release stories and battle vlogs – check them out here.

As you can tell from this I am hooked and will be writing more content to chart my journey thorugh Shadespire.

Happy Hexing


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