Grands Clash – March 18

After braving the artic conditions outside I arrived at Warhammer World to compete in my first Grand Clash.

Less than 10 games under my belt, having never faced Skaven, Dwarves or Stormcasts I was not hopeful. I had built my Orruks deck (see last post) but not used it.

The event quickly filled with 68 players making it. I bumped into some friends I know from other games I have played, had a quick chat with them before around 1.

Round 1 – Stormcasts

I came across this beautifully painted and well played Stormcasts warband. Having not played vs them but watched some games online I fully expected to be the aggressor. How wrong I was, a very experienced player from London played an aggressive SCE deck and simply destroyed me. In my first game I lost 0-15 unable to score a single objective or glory, in retrospect I should have mulled my opening hand of both objectives and power cards.

Games 2 of the round I sat further back and waited for my opportunity to strike. I managed to score in this game ending on. -28 for the match.

With Game 1 over I had a little time to chat with my opponent who admitted he played at 3 gaming clubs a week plus travelling to a number of events, so I didn’t feel too bad. We talked about his composition and how I could have approached the game differently. I learnt lots.

Round 2

In this round I came up against Orruks in a mirror match. I got to live the dream in this game with my Gurzag killing his Gurzag quickly then using Leadin’ by Example to have my Bonecutter Kill his with help of Time Trap.

Game 2 was a similar affair with an alpha strike from me leading to early deaths on my opponents side of the field.

I finished the round +12 Glory.

Round 3

Sitting down at my table and looking up to see a familiar face of Jamie Giblin I knew I was in for a good game.

Jamie was running Skaven, who I knew would be quick, I was in for a challenge.

Game 1 I killed on of the 2 wound Skaven then set up for Supremacy. Last power step Jamie played Earthquake. From there on in he scored objectives while out of my threat. I did manage to kill Skritch but lost the first game 5-9.

Game 2 I tried to be more tactical and play to my objectives. Dumping objectives at the start in the hope of hitting supremacy. The game descended into a stand off which I could never win due to not having any objectives to score. I ended the round -9 glory across the 2 games.

It was fun and I enjoyed the game. Jamie is a super clean player, talking each of the steps out as he goes.

Final Round

My final game was vs Khorne. With only 1 game vs these I again expected a similar affair to game 2 bloody and quick.

Match 1 was a quick and bloody affair with me winning 8-5.

Match 2 my opponent played a much more reserved game scoring objectives and applying warriors with scalpel like precision. I lost 4-12.

Match 3 I drew my dream opening hand.

Leadin by Example, Ready for Action, Awakened Weapon, Time Trap and Avin a Good Time.

With the deployment I figured I could kill The two throw away models and Garek in the first activation maybe leave Garek alive depending on the dice roll for Avin a Good Time.

I charged with Gurzag and missed. I decided to Time Trap to at least get 2 kills he missed again 😦

It didn’t take long for my opponent to dismantle me from here 😦

Overall not a great set of results for me finishing 1-3 on -31 Glory. Although I lost these games I enjoyed every minute of it.

Congratulations to Jay Clare for winning the event. Anyone wanting to see the final can see it in Warhammer TV’s Twitch Page (must be subscribed)

Next up is prep for local events and Warhammer Fest in May.

Happy Hexing 🙂

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