Gaming Night 21/03/2018


Tuesday night bring around another night of gaming for Sheffield hosted @ Outpost.

The Outpost if my FLGS which I have previously worked at Part Time, running events across multiple gaming systems and still occasionally run their Guild Ball event. Based just out of the City Centre within walking distance of the tram and bus routes it not too hard to reach. All the surrounding streets have free parking so its ok to events.

The Outpost webstore is availbale here and the offer 20% discount on GW products and free shipping on orders over £80. They also have an even coming up on 31st March – Tickets available here
This week saw 2 players who were picking up the game get more into it with Dwarves and Stormcasts.

Game 1 – Skaven vs Dwarves

I made a big mistake in this game and that was thinking that I could score Making a Statement, By going for this I ended up giving my opponent too many easy glory points. I manged to posiition for Supremacy and Hold Objective x with the use of earthquake, however a counter earthquake saw 3 Dwarves inspire turn 1.

It was then a slow grind to the end with the Dwarves winning. Dom my opponent has found a solid build for his dwarves and I think we will be working together to optimise it over the coming weeks.

Dom is not a fan of the Fjul models static pose have decided to put his axe on another Fyrslayer model and I must admit I am a fan of a more dynamic model.

Game 2 and 3 Dwarves vs Orruks

I am playing about with a Dwarf deck at the momment and decided it was time to test them out. I deployed in the mid line of by board as I expected Orruks to push forward, which they did.

I lost Maegrim early but inspired 3 Dwarves turn 1 scoring a few glory turn 1. Turn 2 saw a scrum develop with Tefk, Gurzag and Bonecutter all dying. With the big hitters gone I was able to utilise the upgrades and ploys to dart Fjul across the board to claim an objective in my opponents half.

The next game was a similar affair but I kept Maegrim alive turn 1.

Game 4 Skaven vs Stormcasts

Chris a new player in the store but seasoned wargammer and MtG player borrowed some Stormcasts and had been sat for about 30/40 mins building a deck – missing 2 cards as they were in use (eathquake and precise use of force).

Again I made mistakes – I moved one of his objectives with Shifting Shards but chose to move one near the back onto a starting hex for easy scores. Instead I should have moved the objective that was near the midline, this would have made it easier to score Making a Statement.

I inspired Krrk and Lurking Skaven turn 1, I gave away too many kills this turn in an attempt to score Making Statement, with my speed I should have just denied him the kills.

I scored 2 Hold Objectives turn 1 and my opponent scored 3 from kills. Turn 2 Skritch inspired and he started dodging around. I score out another hold objective and play spoils of war to add Ethereal Shield to Skritch.

Turn 3 Obryn kills Skritch 😦 I forgot about Cleave. Krrk Spends 3 activations trying to kill Obryn at range as I have Shadeglass Darts. I could have moved up and hit but I wanted Determined Defender. I managed to kill him on my 3rd attempt which allowed me to score denial, I also score escalation this turn. Last power phase I equip a key on Krrk, my opponent plays Distration to move him, I play Misdirection to shift someone else, he plays Peal of Thunder to move Krrk.

Final score on this one was 10-9 to the Skaven. Chris Played really well and I played less than well. Really excited to see a new player joining the game and somone who will, if he decides to play competitivly do strongly.

Wednesday night saw me pop over to a friends to play a few games vs his Dwarves.

We played best of 3 with me losing 2-1.

2 games he placed the boards short edge on offset and sat back scoring. With a well timed earthquake and some great position play he won. The game I won my deck went perfectly scoring supremacy and 2 hold objectives in turn 1 which got the ball rolling. I won this one 16-2.

I felt like I didn’t see spoils of battle, ready for action or confused priorities in any of the games, as it turn out I had swapped them into my dwarf deck and replaced them with temp cards. (Biggest lesson for the day was check your deck before you play).

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