Tournament Prep – Top 5

Hi everyone,

This weekend I will be venturing to my FLGS The Outpost in Sheffield for their Shadespire Event.

I thought I would share my prep for an event.

1. Plan you travel and logistics

Know where you need to be and what time you need to be there. This may sound simple but there is nothing worse than rushing in last minute and not having any time to unpack, compose yourself or grab a drink.

2. Pre Reading

Ensure you are up to date with FAQ and Errata documents, know the rulings on your cards and ones you opponent may bring. Have a copy printed out and in with you gear.

3. Know Your Deck

Know the cards you have in your deck, think about good and bad opening hands. Know that if you draw 3 “score in 3rd end phase” objective cards what this will do to your scoring.

Same goes for your opening Power Hand if you draw 3 keys can you afford to discard?

Knowing this will not only help you when drawing you starting hands but so you know what is left. Write your list out the night before and check it over with the actual cards. Then give ’em a good shuffle.

4. Pack Your Bag

Ensure you pack your tokens, boards, models and dice. You should also be packing a rulebook, latest copy of the FAQ and at least one copy of your list.

A bottle of water, deodorant, chewing gum and maybe a snack bar are all good shouts to pack also.

5. This is a must

This is something adhered to by a majority of people but it happens enough that it makes my top 5. Personal Hygiene, a full day of tense gaming can take its course on the body, especially when the store full and games are getting tense. There is nothing worse than sitting down for a game and the player next to you or behind you smells like they have done a 10k before coming to the event.

Take a shower before the event, put on fresh clothes and apply deodorant.

6. Wait you said there were only 5!

This one isn’t really a tip, more a reminder. When you attend an event you are playing against like minded individuals engaging in a shared hobby.

Be polite, show sportsmanship and have fun.

After all regardless of the prize it’s a game and it’s meant to be fun.

Thank you for reading and Happy Hexing 🙂

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