New Hexadome

Hi all,

At some point I will go into a bit of what is Aristeia! Series for those that this blog acts as an introduction to the game. However, today I want to talk about the new mat that is up for preorder. Available Here

Within moments of looking at it I noticed the 4 blocked hex next to a deployment zone, so a new layout. This could be interesting. The Aristeia twitter account responded to my post with a lovely image of the full mat.

This new mat add a new level of complexity. How will this be incorporated into the game. Will this become akin to picking boards in Underworlds or will it replace the basic one (hopefully not as the Neoprene one has just arrived).

The new hexadome offers some interesting pros and cons to picking zones. Assuming scenarios remain the same there are zones that offer a clearer run to the centre, zones that force players off to one side and ones that offer more protection to fragile models.

All zone appear to offer at least one hex that would allow a model of Spd 5 to reach the centre zone. Assuming they are deployed adjacent to the zone.

By distributing the blocked hexes in a new way appears to, at a quick glance, have provided more LOS blocking which could defiantly shake up the meta.

Zones 1 and 4 appear to push each player to their right hand side with the blocked hexes.

Zones 2 and 5 offer polar extremes of LOS blocking

Zones 3 and 6 are the most sparsely covered with blocked hexes.


I am excited to see how this new zone is incorporated into the game and eagerly await the start of AGL Season 3.

With another preorder up for the new Tactics decks it’s an exciting time for Aristeia! Players everywhere.

Locally the game seems to be gaining traction and in the UK we are seeing an influx of new players. This in part is thanks to Andrew at IntotheHexadome who has started a podcast, blog and is running what I believe is the largest event in the UK this weekend looking at around 22 players.

If you want to join us for a chat in a blossoming group please join us on discord.

Anyone wishing to make purchases for Aristeia! Or any other wargames please feel free to use the following link to support me as I create content.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hexing!

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