Grands Clash – March 18

After braving the artic conditions outside I arrived at Warhammer World to compete in my first Grand Clash. Less than 10 games under my belt, having never faced Skaven, Dwarves or Stormcasts I was not hopeful. I had built my Orruks deck (see last post) but not used it. The event quickly filled with 68 […]

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Grand Clash – Pre Event

Just a quickie today as I am on my phone. I made the decision last minute to sign up. Having played less than 10 games and only 1 with my Orruks I figure the best place to learn is on the field of battle. With the potential of 4 Rounds that’s 8-12 games. The Deck […]

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First Impressions

I was lucky enough to have one of the most enjoyable introductions to Shadespire. Not long ago my best friend had a change in circumstances, as part of this with some encouragement and the use of my laptop he took the plunge, deciding to apply for a dream role working for Games Workshop. He was […]

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