Hex Appeal Reborn

Hi everyone, 

A while ago I stopped blogging, around the time the relics deck appeared and I lost my drive to play Underworlds. While my enthusiasm for underworlds hasn’t changed, I was lucky enough to have been given a demo of Aristeia! over the weekend while running V5: Vengeange (a Guildball tournament).

I am ALL IN!.

For any of you don’t know Aristeia! is a MOBA style tabletop game bought to you by Corvus Belli, the makers of Infinity. Set in the same universe around 150 years into the future. The game is played in a hexagonal arena or Hexdome between 2 teams for 4 Aristos (player controlled models).

Hexdome in the core box.

I am going to go into a full breakdown of the game in the coming weeks but wanted to put something out to revive the blog and get back into the swing of things.

Even though I am just starting out I have signed up for my first event on the 7th September. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Hexing!

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