Event Writeup

I last posted about tournament prep.

Today I am going to talk about my latest event. For this I decided to take Skaven. I have been playing them since the Grand Clash and felt they were in a good spot.

Round 1 vs Daniel Eatch – Stormcasts

Game 1 was a very close affair with 2 points separating us defensive Stormcasts with 3 objectives. I didn’t manage to get the keys I needed to win out. Using Confused Priorities to bring over objective I hadn’t scored.

Game 2 was a Skaven game. I got 3 objectives, relevant keys and scored out 17-10

Game 3 my opponent decided to play aggressively his usual play style for Stormcasts. With a deck geared to defensive play he was missing key cards and I won this game 11-0.

Finishing the round 38-22.

Round 2 vs Lee – Skaven

Game 1 was very close I had 3 attempts to kill hungering who had a key. If I had succeeded then I would have scored Denial and won this game. But alas Criticus (dice god) was not smiling on me today.

Game 2 was a similar affair but even without bad dice Lee outplayed me. I play him on a regular basis at local stores and he had made a few changes to his Skaven deck for the mirror.

Round 3 – vs Martin J

I wish I could remember these games more but I tilted slightly in the last power phase.

With 3 keys in hand along with There are always more I was poised to score 13 glory in the end phase. My opponent played No Time 😦

He was a lovely opponent and the games were enjoyable. I will start playing keys earlier in games now if I see No Time in earlier rounds.

Round 4 vs Martin C

Game 1 went perfectly scoring 13 glory and feeling in control for the game I was happy.

Games 2 and 3 my deck gave me lots of upgrades (I drew all 10 upgrades throughout game 2) and my dice abandoned me.


Overall I finished 9th had a great day and played 4 lovely opponents. I have taken lots away from the day about playstyle and remembering cards like No Time. I am parking Skaven for a while and am going to play a few new decks and see what I enjoy.

My eyes are peeled for the release of the next 2 boxes. I live the look of the Khorne models.

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