It’s been a while

Hi everyone,

I have been insanely busy since my last post. So, this one is a bit of a catch-up.

I have attended a number of local gaming nights recently in Sheffield:

·         Thursday Night @ Patriot Games – I ran 1 demo for a friend then payed some games against some great opponents.

·         Tuesday Night @ Outpost – I mainly played newer players and introducing some friends to the game (3 new players in my area now).

·         Thursday Night @ Patriot Games – First game vs Dwarves, tried out a Stormcast build and some Skaven mirror games.

Outside of Patriot Sheffield

Patriot Games are currently giving away alt art cards to anyone playing Shadespire on a Thursday night. So am now the proud owner of the alt art cards for Shardfall and Supremacy card.


I am attending my next event on 31st March @ Outpost and I’m taking Skaven. When it comes to glory, they score big numbers so this should put me in with a decent chance of placing high.


After that it’s prep for Warhammer Fest







Skritch is the Greatest, Yes-yes.

With the Skaven I started off running Jay Clare’s deck from Grand Clash making a few minor changes along the way.

The changes

Objective deck – No Changes – Yet!

Denial Feels like a card that is win more card but also not something that fits my playstyle with Skaven. I have scored it twice and both times I had killed all my opponent’s models

Ploys – Removed Momentary Boldness and added Illusory Fighter

I felt like Momentary Boldness was too much work to trigger and a bit of a dead draw in some occasions, especially late game. Replacing this with Illusory Fighter a great utility piece and another easy to trigger source of inspiration. Adding some more hit and run to Skritch feels very Skaven

Upgrades – Removed Legendary Swiftness and added Ethereal Shield

Legendary Swiftness seems superfluous as a Skaven player, already so fast and have the ability of bringing back the weaker Skaven in my opponent’s hexes.  Adding in Ethereal Shield as another defensive ability that I can pop on a key model (usually Skritch), coupled with Bodyguard for a Price or Musk of Fear can keep Skritch alive and further up the board.

I am finding I score between 13-20 glory in most of my games with Skaven. My lowest scoring games do far I only scored 8 glory in a mirror match but one mistake by myself cost me the game. I opted to save great strength to help trigger escalation. If I hadn’t I would have killed his Skritch and scored Skritch is the Greatest Yes-yes. This would have allowed me the 2 glory to score the keys, instead I whiffed the second attack and couldn’t score my keys. That one choice cost me 6 glory, and activation and the game. With the card draw available I had a 50% chance to hit earthquake (2 cards left) to knock all his Skaven off objectives with the relevant keys.

The mirror felt like a hard slog as I won the roll at the start of the game and therefore only had 2 objectives. I discarded Denial and Making a Statement throughout the game along with a few other objectives.

Results – Currently 14-2 (2 losses vs Skaven and both I won the starting roll).


Overall, I am really enjoying Skaven, playing keys and objectives allows me to reduce my exposure to the whim of the dice and their fickle gods. I like the objective style of play and the model, I have painted mine quickly as I don’t like playing unpainted but may repaint them again in the future.

I will be mainly playing Skaven but will also be looking at the Dwarves, although at first glance something is missing.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hexing!

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